Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mother Dog and Nine Puppies sent from Taiwan to LA

On June 2, one animal rescue group was on hand to welcome a special shipment they had arranged to arrive at Los Angeles International Airport.  Nine puppies and their mother landed in a plane from Taiwan.  The young family had been trapped in a drainage ditch and nearly lost their lives.
The rate of abuse to dogs in Taiwan is rampant and beyond rational understanding.  It is commonplace for dogs to be tortured with hot oil on their faces and backs or to be caught in metal traps and left to bleed to death.  And like the dogs that arrived at LAX, many are dropped into deep ditches so they cannot get out and eventually die of starvation.
So when A Dog’s Life Rescue (ADLR) was contacted by Animal Rescue Team TAIWAN, they knew they couldn’t turn the four-legged family away.  The group quickly made all the necessary arrangements to put the dogs on a plane the next day.
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

San Francisco proposed pet fish ban

San Francisco's ever-active Animal Control and Welfare Commission has renewed its push for a pet sale ban in the city - only this time, it even covers goldfish.
The idea is to put the squeeze on puppy and kitten mills that supply pet stores, and to discourage "impulse buys" of hamsters and other small pets that often wind up being dumped at shelters.
But goldfish, guppies and tropical fish?
"Most fish in aquariums are either mass bred" under inhumane conditions "or taken from the wild," commission member Philip Gerrie said. That leads to "devastation of tropical fish from places like Southeast Asia," he said.
The proposed ban, which the commission just adopted after a year of study, was expanded to cover animal breeders as well as pet stores. As you might expect, it has local merchants like Ocean Aquarium owner Justin Hau dumbfounded.
"The city is taking more and more control," Hau said. "They are very stupid."

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

40 Pets Stolen From L.A. Animal Shelter

From Today's Los Angeles Times:

40 Pets Have Vanished From L.A.'s North Central Animal Shelter: 'They Were the Young, Cute Ones'

This is some fishy corrupt-city-worker business, according to today's Los Angeles Times, which compares the mysterious vanishing of 64 "dogs, cats and other animals" from the city's six animal shelters over the last year -- and 39 from the North Central Shelter alone -- to recent city-department scandals like bribery within the Department of Building and Safety and a traffic-officer-made porn. (Really.)
If the missing critters (aww) were your average lot of mangy old mutts, that'd be one thing. But Brenda Barnette, general manager of the Animal Services Department, has noticed a pattern in the type of pets who tend to disappear:
"They were the young ones, the cute ones," Barnette said. "They were ones that would have been likely to have been sold or be a nice gift for someone." The majority of the unaccounted-for animals were dogs, Barnette said.
What's being implied here, obviously, is that shelter workers might be selling the cutest of the caged beasts on the cute-beast black market for cash.
And in the future, save yourself some cash and corruption charges and just adopt straight from the shelter. Quick -- before city workers steal all the best ones.
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