Saturday, November 19, 2011

El Monte: Need help for "Beagles and Buddies"

Just this evening, we got confirmation that renewal of B&B's kennel license is on calendar for
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2011, 9 am
at City Hall, 11333 Valley Blvd., Council Chambers, El Monte, CA 91731-3293.
PLEASE email, telephone, fax, and most of all appear in person to express your support for Beagles & Buddies.
We need you and your animal loving friends, colleagues,
and family -- now more than ever.
In the past, a strong showing of support has always been very helpful.
B&B has been on Strozier for 18 years - the City's Master Plan would have all our kennels become warehouses.

Contact information:

City of El Monte Website:
City of El Monte
Go to "City Directory" after clicking on City website

Planning Dept -
Planning Dept. Phone: (626)258-8626
Planning Dept. Fax: (626)580-2293

****IMPORTANT - If you are a resident of El Monte, please indicate in your email, phone call, fax*****

Friday, November 18, 2011

"Veterans Day pet adoption bargains a huge success for Sacramento SPCA"

What do you get when you advertise a special low pet adoption price of $11.11? You get a line 400 deep, you empty out the shelter and you place over 200 animals into new homes in just one day.
Overpopulation? Not enought homes? Baloney!
At least 400 people were standing in line at the agency when it opened Friday morning, Johnson said. Some waited for seven hours as backed-up staffers hustled to complete paperwork. The SPCA finished 126 adoptions Friday, emptying the facility. Then the agency began pulling animals from the county and city shelters, and extended the promotion through Sunday.
"We were overwhelmed," said Johnson. "We were turning people away at 7 p.m. because we literally had adopted out everything in the shelter. That has never happened before."

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