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Pasadena Mandatory Spay Neuter - Victory!

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Thank you to everyone who wrote letters or made calls to the Pasadena Council members.   Special thanks to those willing to come to the hearing and testify.  This report will be on the CFA legislative Alert Page soon.  Forwarding is OK. 
Joan Miller
CFA Legislative Information Liaison
San Diego California
Pasadena Mandatory Spay Neuter Ordinance - Victory!
October 7, 2013
by Joan Miller, CFA Legislative Information Liaison
Reason saved the day in Pasadena resulting in a positive outcome for everyone last night.  Following lengthy testimony, Mayor Bill Bogaard decided not to call for a vote on the ordinance and instead expressed the council's consensus  to give initiatives recently started or being developed by the Humane Society an opportunity to show results and then review and discuss the situation further in 6 months
The City Council listened intently to our testimony and obviously several had carefully read all the letters submitted.  Mayor Bogaard mentioned and quoted from a few, including letters from the The California Federation of Dog Clubs and from Jan Dykema.  The ordinance instigator, Council Member Steve Madison, actually was swayed by the end of the evening and suggested they withdraw the ordinance saying it had become apparent it would not achieve the primary goal he had hoped for. 
Madison's original concern resulted from a case of a young boy mauled by a "pit-bull" dog.  He wanted the Public Safety Committee to approve a neuter/spay ordinance for pit-bulls.  When they discovered this was against State law, which prohibits breed specific legislation (BSL), the proposal to mandate that all dogs be altered by 4 months came about, with exemptions for show dogs and service dogs.  They felt that spaying and neutering would prevent dangerous dogs from roaming the streets and also would cut down on the large numbers of pit-bull type dogs and Chihuahuas in the shelter. Then "and cats" was added because 70% of the animals killed in the shelter are cat/kittens and the ordinance became more directed toward reducing shelter intakes and euthanasia.
This proposal passed in the Public Safety Committee and language was copied from the Los Angeles County MSN ordinance, requiring altering before 4 months with exemptions for working dogs and show dogs. But they left out similar exemptions for cats.  I believe it would have passed in the Council last night had it not been for the letters received and testimony, all of which raised the awareness of a responsive Council.  AKC, CFA, CARPOC, CFODC and many dog fanciers submitted letters - they made a big impression.
I thank cat fanciers, Sarah Bixler and Peter Keys, for their testimony, in addition to mine, on cat issues.   Many thanks to dog fanciers Florence, Anne, Lois and two or three others plus a Veterinary Assistant.  They covered the dog issues from health matters including history of other communities with MSN laws leading to dog owners avoidance of veterinary care/rabies vaccination and problems with early age altering of puppies to dog bite and aggression data.  It was stated that before humans raised "pit-bulls" to be aggressive there were other breeds irresponsibly bred that became dangerous.   These people do not comply with MSN laws.
We presented facts showing that voluntary spay/neuter of owned cats is a huge success with a high percentage of owned cats already altered (88% to 94% in some parts of the country).  It is the unowned or "loosely owned" cat population that remains intact (this percentage is less than 3% altered).  Owners who have intact cats say their kittens are too young or they cannot afford the cost. There is a trend for cats to be kept indoors leading to a higher rate of s/n..  Fewer cats have a litter before spay now in jurisdictions that offer free or low cost spay/neuter.  I spoke of innovative ways in which shelters are handling "community cats".  It would be more productive to encourage people feeding doorstep cats to take the next step to spay/neuter these cats by offering assistance not punishment. 
The Humane Society Vice President, Elizabeth Campo, was questioned about the shelter programs.  She discussed their new door-to-door canvassing to increase dog licensing and provide educational material about shelter services and advantages for licensed dogs.   They also are in the process of building a clinic for high volume/low cost spay/neuter. Humane Society President, Steve Mc Nall, talked about their efforts to alter the feral/community cats. Though they support MSN, especially for first time impounds with fines, they also expressed concerns about adding mandated s/n to their licensing canvassing as this may harm a currently well received program.  
Following the hearing we talked with Ms. Campo and Mr. Mc Nall and found them to be professional and aligned with our mutual interests to help Pasadena's animals.  They both plan to be at the National Council on Pet Population All Day Cat Research Program in conjunction with the Society of Animal Welfare Administrators (SAWA) conference November 9-12, 2013 in Tempe, AZ.  CFA representatives will also be at this conference and we look forward to continued dialog.

Fwd: Petstore sales ban to Carlsbad City Council tonight

 — The Carlsbad City Council is set to decide Tuesday night whether to ban pet stores in the city from selling dogs and cats based on concerns they typically get their animals from places that activists call "puppy mills" and "kitten factories."
The proposal comes three months after the city of San Diego passed a similar ban and two weeks after the Oceanside City Council voted 3-2 against such a ban.
Unlike those bans, Carlsbad's measure would exempt the city's one existing store — California Pets in Westfield Carlsbad mall. More than two dozen other cities across the nation have passed bans, and none of them have exempted existing stores.
Animal rights groups, including the Humane Society of the United States, say banning the sale of dogs and cats at pet stores helps reduce the number of animals treated inhumanely and encourages the adoption of more pets from shelters and rescue groups.
They say puppy mills and kitten factories mass produce large volumes of animals that they breed irresponsibly. The groups say the animals live in overcrowded cages, don't get proper veterinary care and lack the proper socialization to be good pets.
Pet store owners and some mass breeders say the criticisms are overblown. They say the ban would limit consumer choice, threaten the long-term viability of dog breeding and encourage the "underground" sale of dogs.
Joe Shamore, who owns California Pets locations in Carlsbad and Escondido, said unregulated breeders and people selling pets online are the more pressing problems facing his industry.
But a local group called And Justice for All Animals encourages people to boycott pet stores that sell dogs and cats, including one in Oceanside, two in Escondido, one in National City, one in Santee and the Carlsbad store.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

AKC -Pasadena -URGENT ALERT!-Monday,October 7th- 7PM

AKC -Pasadena -URGENT ALERT!-Monday,October 7th- 7PM

AKC Delegates, Club Officers, Judges and Breeders,

Please pass this message along to any of your club members in the Pasadena (Los Angeles) area. The AKC apologizes for the short notice, the city agenda containing this language was only posted Thursday evening.

The Pasadena City Council will vote on a mandatory spay/neuter ordinance this Monday, October 7th. This measure will require dogs and cats over the age of four months to be sterilized unless the owner qualifies for an exemption.

If a dog or cat is impounded it will not be released until it has been sterilized by a city approved veterinarian, even if the owner has a current intact license. It is imperative that responsible dog owners and breeders immediately contact their elected officials to oppose this ordinance.

Additionally, any intact dog owner who wishes to breed their dog shall deemed a kennel and is prohibited from maintaining the dog within 1000 feet of any dwelling other than the owner's home. Current law also requires that dog kennel operators purchase a business license.

The current code defines a dog kennel as "any lot, building, structure, enclosure or premises wherein 5 or more canine animals 4 months of age or older are kept or permitted to remain or where any dog gives birth to 2 or more litters within a 12-month period." It is unclear what the process will be if a resident possessing fewer than 5 dogs wishes to breed a single litter. This language could be interpreted to prohibit anyone who does not meet the definition of a kennel from engaging in breeding.

Pasadena City Council Meeting

Date/Time: Monday, October 7, 2013, 7:00 PM

Location: Council Chamber, Pasadena City Hall, 100 North Garfield Avenue, Room S249, Pasadena, CA 91101

Provisions of the Ordinance:

Prohibits the ownership of an intact dog or cat over four months of age unless the owner qualifies for a specific exemption.
Medical – must provide written confirmation from a veterinarian that sterilization is a threat to the animal's health.
Law enforcement dog.
Dogs trained and actively being used for guide, signal or service dog work or enrolled in a breeding program for these dogs administered by a person licensed under the California Business and Professions Code.
A dog used to show, to compete or to breed, and which is registered with AKC, UKC, ADBA or other approved breed registries. The owner must also meet one of the following criteria:
The dog has competed in at least one dog show or sporting competition sanctioned by a national registry or approved by the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA within the last 365 days.
The dog has earned a conformation, obedience, agility, carting, herding, protection, rally, sporting, working or other title from a purebred dog registry referenced above or other registry or dog sport association or Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA.
The owner is a member of a Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA approved purebred dog breed club which maintains and enforces a code of ethics for dog breeding that includes restrictions from breeding dogs with genetic defects and life threatening health problems that commonly threaten the breed.
Provides that any resident who wishes to breed their intact dog is subject to the definition and regulations pertaining to "dog kennels."
Intact dog licenses can be revoked if:
The city receives two complaints within a twelve-month period, verified by the Poundmaster, that the applicant or licensee has allowed a dog to run loose or escape, or has otherwise been found to be neglectful of his/her dog or other animals.
The applicant or licensee has been previously cited, ticketed, sued, fined and/or prosecuted for violating a state law, county code or other municipal provision related to the care and control of animals.
The unaltered dog has been adjudicated as dangerous or vicious, or to be a nuisance.
Any other unaltered dog license held by the applicant has been revoked.
What You Can Do

Attend the Pasadena City Council meeting Monday, October 7th and oppose these burdensome restrictions on responsible owners and breeders.
Call or email the members of the Pasadena City Council and ask them to oppose this ordinance.
AKC Resources
AKC Position Statement: Breeding Restrictions
AKC Position Statement: Canine Population Issues
AKC Position Statement: Spaying and Neutering
Mandatory Spay-Neuter Issue Brief
Issue Analysis: Why Mandatory Spay/Neuter Laws are Ineffective
Issue Analysis: Conformation Shows- More Than Just a Pretty Face
Sample Letter to Lawmakers – Mandatory Spay Neuter – Word | PDF | Text

Pasadena City Council

Mayor Bill Bogaard Phone (626) 744-4311
Fax (626) 744-3727 Email bbogaard@cityofpasadena.net

Vice Mayor Jacque Robinson, District 1 Phone (626) 744-4444
Fax (626) 396-7300 Email district1@cityofpasadena.net

Councilmember Margaret McAustin, District 2 Phone (626) 744-4742
Email mlmorales@cityofpasadena.net

Councilmember John J. Kennedy, District 3 Phone (626) 744-4738
Fax (626) 744-4774 Email ChristianCruz@cityofpasadena.net or jwest@cityofpasadena.net

Councilmember Gene Masuda, District 4 Phone (626) 744-4740
Email nsullivan@cityofpasadena.net

Councilmember Victor M. Gordo, Esq. District 5 Phone (626) 744-4741 or (626) 831-8609
Fax (626) 398-1836 Email vdelacuba@cityofpasadena.net

Councilmember Steve Madison, District 6 Phone (626) 744-4739 Email smadison@cityofpasadena.net

Councilmember Terry Tornek, District 7 Phone (626) 441-4802
Fax (626) 441-4806 Email ttornek@cityofpasadena.net





Pasadena Mandatory Spay-Neuter Law: Monday, Oct. 7 City Council Mtg!

Hi Folks,
I wanted to alert you that the Pasadena City Council agenda for this coming Monday includes the draft mandatory spay neuter ordinance (the agenda was posted this evening).  This is a "first reading", and essentially, THIS is the time to provide comments.  As people involved in pure bred dogs in Pasadena, I strongly encourage you to read the draft ordinance and share you thoughts with City Council via email, letter or in person at the meeting if you have any concerns.  There are some new measures in there that were NOT in the original staff report back in July (like what happens if an unaltered dog ends up in Pasadena Humane Society's shelter!).  
 < /o>
While I'm not contacting you to encourage you comment one way or another on this issue, I am very concerned that not enough people involved with pure bred dogs in Pasadena are aware of this, so please share with others who might be interested.  Here is some information that might be of use:
The City Council agenda can be found at:  
City Council contacts where you can send your comments:
Mayor Bill Bogaard: bbogaard@cityofpasadena.net
Mayor's Field Representative Rhonda Stone: rstone@cityofpasadena.net
Councilmember Jacque Robinson (via her Field Representative Tina Williams): 
Councilmember Margaret McAustin (via her Field Representative Margo Morales): 
Councilmember John Kennedy (via his Field Representatives Christian Cruz and Jana West):  
Councilmember Gene Masuda (via his Field Representative Noreen Sullivan):
Councilmember Steve Madison (from what I understand, he started the 'ball rolling' on all of this...his original concern was dog aggression/ public safety and with breed specific legislation not an option, moved onto MSN as a strategy):
Councilmember Terry Tornak:
Thank you!
Anne Dove 
(Pasadena resident - Cairn Terriers)
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