Monday, January 27, 2014

Pasadena MSN proposal

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California Federation of Dog Clubs
PO Box 2341
Lancaster, CA 93539
Pasadena City Council
Pasadena City Hall
100 North Garfield Avenue
Room S249
Pasadena, CA 91101
January 24, 2014
Dear Mayor Bogaard, Vice Mayor Robinson, and City Council Members,
The California Federation of Dog Clubs is an association of thousands of dog owners across the State of California. Formed in 1990, the CFoDC works tirelessly to promote animal welfare, educate the public regarding responsible animal ownership, and protect the rights of responsible animal owners. We administer a disaster relief fund, conduct breed ID workshops for shelter personnel, provide educational information on responsible pet ownership. We also man a toll-free assistance line for animal owners who need advice regarding pet training and behavioral issues. We support animal legislation with positive benefits to society.
Yet AGAIN the City of Pasadena is attempting to push through a mandate to sterilize dogs this time targeting only those who own "pit bulls". There is no way to identify a "pit bull" or mix with any degree of certainty, besides which, the idea that "pit bulls" are a societal problem is a falsehood. Bull terriers score BETTER on temperament testing than most other breeds of dogs.
Breed-specific sterilization mandates are ineffective and being repealed all over the country.

     The CFODC is OPPOSED to the mandated sterilization of pets, no matter what exemptions are offered. Some of the reasons for our opposition include:
  •   The ASPCA and the American Veterinary Medical Association are OPPOSED to mandatory sterilization because it creates more problems than it solves.
  • Existing leash and confinement laws should be enforced. Sterilization does NOT prevent roaming.
  • There is no evidence to support the assertion that shelter intakes are caused by animals bred locally. Most puppies are sold outside of the local area where they are born.
  • Mandated surgery disproportionately punishes low-income families.
  • Punitive sterilization laws results in increased shelter intakes and deaths anywhere they are tried. Fewer people will reclaim their pets due to high costs. Los Angeles has seen a steep rise in shelter intakes since implementing its own mandatory spay/neuter law. So has Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Mandatory sterilization is costly to enforce.
  • Revenues will drop, as owners will increasingly avoid licensing and forced surgery on their pets. There will be even LESS money for the needed enforcement.
  • Oppressive forced sterilization laws have resulted in increased incidence of RABIES in some areas, as owners who avoid licensing may also fail to vaccinate for rabies. This creates a dire risk to human health. With recent instances of rabid wildlife in the Inland valley we should not do anything that would jeopardize public cooperation with rabies vaccination programs. Fort Worth TX repealed their law due to increased cases of rabies.
  • Dogs are being smuggled in by the thousands now, from Mexico and other countries, to meet the demand for pets. Mandatory sterilization creates a black market for dogs and puppies. Black market pets bring rabies and parasites along with them.
  • Feral cats comprise the majority of shelter intakes, and sterilization mandates do not help feral cats. The only result is that Good Samaritans who care for feral cats are punished.
  • Studies show that dogs who are neutered have more health and behavioral problems than dogs who are left intact.
Two new major studies are summarized here:
We urge you to REJECT any mandatory sterilization ordinances and instead focus on measures proven to work over the past thirty years….aggressive public education campaigns, trap/neuter and release programs for feral cats, and low-cost voluntary sterilization clinics.
Sincerely yours,
Geneva Coats, R.N.
Secretary, California Federation of Dog Clubs

 CC: Bill Bogaard, Jaque Robinson, Margaret McAustin, John J. Kennedy, Gene Masuda, Victor Gordo, Steve Madison, Terry Tornek

Friday, January 24, 2014

MSN for "pit bulls" on Pasadena agenda Monday Jan 27

A modified version of the October ordinance is now on the city council agenda for JANUARY 27, at 7 p.m. (the agenda was posted last night!).
This modified draft ordinance focuses on "pit bull and pit bull cross breeds" which the ordinance defines as "Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Pit Bull Terrier, or American Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed of dog, or any mixed breed of dog which contains, as an element of its breeding, any of these breeds…"
At the October 2013 meeting, City Council decided to defer the topic for 6 months until the Pasadena Humane Society - SPCA had completed their dog license canvassing of the city, but apparently, at their November 25, 2013 meeting, they directed staff to draft this ordinance anyway. 
Calls, letters and attendance at the meeting are requested.
Public Meeting 7:00 P.M.
Council Chamber, Pasadena City Hall
100 North Garfield Avenue, Room S249
Mayor Bill Bogaard
Phone (626) 744-7147
Phone (626) 744-4311
Vice Mayor Jacque Robinson
Phone (626) 744-4444
Fax (626) 396-7300
Margaret McAustin
Phone (626) 744-4742
John J. Kennedy
Phone (626) 744-4738
Fax (626) 744-4774
Gene Masuda
Phone (626) 744-4740
Victor M. Gordo, Esq.
Phone (626) 744-4741 or (626) 831-8609
Fax (626) 398-1836
Steve Madison
Phone (626) 744-4739
Terry Torneck
Phone (626) 441-4802
Fax (626) 441-4806
The agenda for this Monday's City Council meeting can be found at this link:
The staff report and ordinance fact sheet can be found at this link:


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