Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bakersfield: Animal Control Commissioner Found To Have Hundreds Of Cats In Home

Animal Control Commissioner Found To Have Hundreds O f Cats In Home

Animal Control Commissioner Applies To Relocate Animals To County

Christine Dinh - 23ABC East Bakersfield Reporter

POSTED: 5:31 pm PDT April 15, 2011

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- An Animal Control commissioner was found to be 
keeping more than 384 cats in her home. But not for much longer, she's 
applying to move more than 350 animals into county jurisdiction, despite 
having breaking the rules already.

Animal Control Commissioner Dawn Watchus has heard complaints of animal 
hoarders in the past. Now the question is: Is she an animal hoarder herself?

Watchus has had up to 384 cats in her home in Ridgecrest. For the past 
18 years, Watchus has been operating D&S Loving Animal Rescue in the 
city of Ridgecrest, where she has been violating the the city's 
allowance of having eight animals in a household. Now she's asking to 
move into the county jurisdiction. But the county is saying, "Not so 

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