Friday, May 6, 2011

Los Angeles proposal to ban sales of commercially bred animals

LA City Councilmember Paul Koretz is proposing a ban on the sale of commercially bred dogs, cats and rabbits (and even chickens!) in Los Angeles. He presented this as a ban on pets from "puppy mills". Koretz wants to ban the sales of pets in pet stores, and encourage shelter adoptions.

Here's the link to the video:

Koretz's  Hollywood area now has a ban on sales of pets in pet stores, no surprise to see it surface now that he is on the LA City Council. Koretz was also a state assemblyman and has termed out, but potentially could run again for a state office. This could be even worse news if/when he decides to take it statewide.

The floor for being considered "commercial" is being lowered every day. There is already a requirement that anyone in the State of California who sells two puppies in a year must apply for a seller's permit and collect state sales tax. Think that means that you might be considered "commercial"? Could be!

LA county just passed title 10 amendments that apply to ALL BREEDERS (some of the requirements in fact apply to all pet owners) with a distinction made for those who own more than 50 intact animals. (They are subject to higher fees and frequent inspections.) Hobbyists must apply for a breeder's permit, and are limited to ONE litter per year. More activity than that, and the hobbyist must apply for an "animal facility" license. Meaning, you are now officially and technically regarded as "commercial" in the eyes of the government, if you breed more than one litter per year.

Pretty ingenious, eh? With almost everyone under the umbrella of "commercial" and unable to sell their puppies/kittens, there's no need to explicitly ban breeding. The puppies and kittens can't be sold legally in a retail outlet. When shelter intakes continue unabated, they'll then progress to a ban on all sales, ~period~!

How long will it be for a ban on sales of any pet unless it is obtained from a 501C3 rescue or a shelter? This is exactly what Koretz's goal seems to be.

Maybe THEN more of the dog hobbyists in the Los Angeles area might start to
sit up and take notice. The apathy is astounding!!! If people don't start protesting now, they are going to be unable to continue to keep intact pets (or breed their dog if they so choose) in just a few short years. 

There was a great opportunity to meet the LA Animal Control director in January at the Brenda Barnette "meet and greet", but only a handful of dog people bothered to show up. And it wasn't even a show weekend!

The pet-store-protesting animal rights fanatics were there in force and stayed for the entire time; so WHO do you think is going to have more influence on the DACC?
A Los Angeles councilman introduced a motion Friday that could prohibit the sale and purchase of pets bred in puppy and kitten mills. Councilman Paul Koretz, who represents an area that includes West L.A., Hollywood and Encino, said he introduced...


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