Saturday, September 3, 2011

Glendale bans pet store sale of dogs and cats

This "reporter" neglected to note the opposition of the California Federation of Dog Clubs which contacted the City Council repeatedly. Notice how "no pet stores in Glendale are currently selling dogs." Yet this ordinance was such a big priority.
And, these anti-animal, "animal rights" fanatics don't care about the loss of revenues from shows held there. They are idealogues not driven by economics or practical concerns. They wish to spread sales bans to as many cities as possible, and eventually nationwide. The original proposal was to ban breeding completely in the city, and there was a big push for that. Any time there is a ban on sales/breeding against one segment of the population, all of us are at risk.
The group CAPS (Companion Animal Protection Society) worked with the city, inspected the one pet store that used to sell dogs, and wrote the ordinance. They are a nationwide animal rights organization opposed to breeding and selling dogs unless they are "rescues". Isn't it frightening that our government officials are listening to these animal wrongists? Hiring them to do "consultations" and write ordinances!
Glendale bans pet store sale of dogs and cats
The Glendale City Council voted unanimously last night to pass an ordinance banning the retail sale of dogs and cats in pet stores, to take effect in 30 days.
Due to both public and council input, the ordinance was revised to exclude a section that would have exempted onsite breeding at pet stores, which according to Glendale City Attorney Michael Garcia, raised concerns about encouraging irresponsible "backyard" breeding.
He said the ordinance won't apply to individuals whose pets occasionally have a litter or "hobby" breeders, and Glendale residents can still purchase dogs and cats from breeders or adopt through non-profit agencies or shelters. He stated that no pet stores in Glendale are currently selling dogs.
Elizabeth Oreck, National Manager of Puppy Mill Initiatives for Best Friends Animal Society, told the Council that Best Friends is currently working with Pets R Us (until recently the only seller of puppy mill dogs in Glendale). When the store opted to go humane and offer only rescue dogs, they contacted Best Friends, which partners with pet stores to promote adoption. Pets R Us joins Pet Rush, which last year became Glendale's first rescue-only pet store.
Lisa Kuta, a small-scale breeder/rescuer of exotic cats, expressed concern that the ordinance might affect the cat shows held twice yearly at Glendale Civic Auditorium, which she pointed out bring added revenue to the city.
And completely opposed to the ordinance was Michael Shelton, Southwest Regional Director of The Cat Fanciers' Association. He was also concerned the ban would affect public events where cats are shown and put local breeders in increased danger from animal activists.
Both Garcia and Glendale Mayor Laura Friedman assured them the ordinance wouldn't apply to cat shows.
"I think it's selfish to breed animals while millions are destroyed in shelters," said Dana Miller Coburn, a Glendale resident there to show her support. "If you truly love animals, you should be wholeheartedly in favor of this ban."
Another local resident, Angie Groom, told the Council: "I look forward to the ripple effect this will hopefully have on other cities."
Animal advocates are confident that the ordinance's impact will extend far beyond Glendale's borders. Aside from inspiring other California and U.S. cities to adopt similar bans, they feel it will create more awareness of the puppy/kitten mill-pet store connection, which will in turn help curtail online sales of animals from inhumane puppy and kitten mills -- and ultimately increase adoptions.

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