Saturday, October 8, 2011

Governor Brown bill action

Some good news; Governor Brown signed AB 258; this bill allows medical exemptions from rabies vaccination. California Federation of Dog Clubs was a co-sponsor of AB 258, and, needless to say, we are thrilled that it has now become law.
We are pleased to report that the governor also vetoed AB 1121, the puppy licensing/seller reporting bill. The governor believes this should be a matter for local jurisdictions to decide, and not a statewide mandate. Reporting sales of animals to animal control entities is certainly government over-reach, and downright onerous for rescues and most breeders, so thank goodness this one is gone, at least for now.
Also vetoed was SB 702, which would have required animals released from shelters to be microchipped. Mandated microchipping would increase the costs to adopt, thereby driving down shelter adoption rates, and costing animals their lives; what a relief to see this bill vetoed.
SB 390 was signed, good news for search and rescue teams.
Unfortunately, AB 1117 was signed into law by the Governor, despite an aggressive campaign of opposition by California Federation of Dog Clubs, CARPOC, The Animal Council and many other respected animal groups. We will devoted a separate entry to that subject.

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