Tuesday, December 6, 2011

California Federation of Dog Clubs 2012 membership drive

Dear Friends and Supporters of the California Federation of Dog Clubs,
It's the end of the year…where does the time go so quickly? Time once again for the California Federation of Dog Clubs to conduct our annual membership drive.
We were very busy in 2011. We began the year with a "meet and greet" for Los Angeles Animal Services new manager Brenda Barnette. Our breed ID shelter workshop has been a rousing success and is being distributed along with a dog care and training brochure that includes a new 1-800 help line for pet owners. CFoDC donated $500 to Kern County Animal Control to help them replenish their supplies that were used during the forty lightening-caused wildfires this summer. Our disaster fund is available to help anywhere in the state when disaster strikes, such as wildfires, floods and mudslides.
On the legislative front, CFoDC sponsored "Molly's Bill" (medical exemptions from rabies vaccination) and also supported a bill by Doug LaMalfa to extend courtesies to search and rescue teams.
As usual, the bad legislative proposals outnumbered the good. We opposed SB 917 (public sales ban) and AB 1117 (seizure and disposition of animals) which unfortunately were signed into law. Other bills we opposed, that went down to eventual defeat, were AB 1121 (puppy licensing/seller reporting) and SB 702 (microchipping of shelter dogs upon release). AB 610, a proposal to reduce preorder requirements for spay-neuter license plates, included inflammatory and false rhetoric regarding pet population and impound numbers in the state. After much opposition was voiced, this bill was also shelved but may come back the next session.
We've also been busy opposing the pet store sales bans in Los Angeles, Glendale and Irvine. When Cypress proposed BSL, we were there to oppose it. When MSN was proposed in Chula Vista, we took immediate action to address it, and we are currently working diligently with the task force to stave off MSN and anti-breeder laws in Chula Vista. We've attended Humane Lobby Day in Sacramento. We've been in frequent contact with the LA County Board of Supervisors in regard to their alteration in their "dangerous dogs" policy. We've been active in assisting Texas with their campaign against the onerous TX HB 1451.
We've published several articles in The Dog Press covering diverse issues, including PUPS, SB 917, spay-neuter information, and updates on PETA and HSUS as they petition the Obama administration for nationwide spay and neuter and nationwide pet sales bans. We also had a letter to the editor published in the San Diego Union Tribune in regard to mandatory microchipping. We've been sending updates to our email list and posting the information to our CAPetLawNews blog page as well, in an effort to keep you well-informed. CFoDC also now has a Facebook page; please look for us and "LIKE" us on Facebook!
Incidentally, we've recently updated our policy statements, which are posted on our website. Have a look when you get a chance! We also are looking for volunteers to serve as regional representatives for CFoDC, a new program we are in the process of organizing. We need your eyes and ears to keep us informed and to help us take action when necessary! Please notify us if you are interested in serving as a Regional Representative for CFoDC.
Needless to say, sufficient revenues are essential in order for us to continue to work for you. Our officers and board members are unpaid volunteers, but the costs of maintaining a website, purchasing supplies and covering postage mount up very quickly. We urge all clubs in California to support the CFoDC with a membership pledge. We welcome individual members as well. Your dues make it possible for us to continue our efforts in the fight to promote canine welfare and to protect our rights as dog owners.
There's so much more to do; but without your help, we won't be able to continue our work.  Won't you join us to help promote dog welfare and to preserve your rights as a dog owner? 
This year we have an online application and payment option through Fundly.com. The online application may be accessed here:
If you select to use the online application form, your membership will not be complete until we receive your dues. For your convenience you may now pay your dues online here: 
Attached please find an application that you can fill out and mail in with your dues.
Again, we thank you for your support!
Sincerely yours,
Officers and Board of Directors
California Federation of Dog Clubs
Judythe Coffman, President
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