Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dana Point - Retail Sales Tyranny

California (Dana Point). **ORDINANCE ADOPTED** The "Pet Shop Ordinance", banning the retail sale of cats and dogs in Dana Point, CA was approved by the City Council at its January 31st meeting. The ordinance provides that no commercial establishment shall, for the purposes of resale or retail, display, sell, deliver, offer for sale, barter, auction, or otherwise transfer or dispose of dogs or cats in Dana Point, California on or after March 1, 2012.

Dear Dana Point City Council Members,

A friend from Arizona just wrote to me asking about the crazy tyrannical
laws against commercial retail businesses being passed in California, she
and her husband took their business to Arizona a few years ago. First West
Los Angeles bans the sale of furs but does not ban leather because so many
of their citizens enjoy wearing leather into the "bar scene." As if there
is a difference between leather and fur...... Go figure how crazy California
has become following the dictates of anthropomorphic leftist politician's
supporters. Along with this they have banned the sale of pets in pet shops.

Now I am told Dana Point has followed West Los Angeles' march to ban the
sale of pets at pet shops. Why was the Polanco/Lockyer bill passed in the
State of California? Have you never heard of that law? It was
California's offer of the greatest financial protection of any State for
those who purchase a pet from a pet shop. There is no other place a person
can buy a pet, be it from a Rescue, Shelter or breeder where such
protection is given and now you take that away from your citizens. Do the
people of Dana Point know what their City Council has done by removing that
protection for all of their citizens?  Absolutely amazing that this was

Did you really know what you were doing when you passed this law? Did you
talk to the veterinary community? Or did you only listen to the rescue
community who so focus on feral cats that they cannot see beyond that?
Would you like a list of rescues that are importing animals from foreign
countries to meet their adoption demands?

Did you not know through education the shelter numbers have been
dramatically dropping every year? Did you also not know that many shelters
bring animals in from other parts of the country to meet their adoption
demands? AND you have banned the sale of pets. Absolutely amazing and pets
are not YET illegal....... maybe next year. Now, please tell me where I can
find my next pet that must be of a coated breed that my very allergic son
can tolerate and be small enough for me to handle?

Citizen, Taxpayer and Voter

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