Thursday, June 14, 2012

SB 1221 - anti-hunting bill

The animal rights groups, led by HSUS, have vowed to put an end to all hunting, and this is their first step. California Federation of Dog Clubs joins with the  California Outdoor Heritage Alliance, the California Houndsmen for Conservation, the Masters of Foxhounds, and the US Sportsmen's Alliance in opposing this fundamentally flawed bill.
The sponsors of SB 1221allege that the use of hounds is inhumane, unsporting and unfair.  Unfortunately, the information they use to support this bill comes from anti-hunting organizations that have no motivation to be truthful about the practice. 
Hunting with hounds is not only humane but a sensible and valuable tool for wildlife management. Hound hunting is virtually the only form of non-consumptive hunting, and is very similar to catch-and-release fishing. It allows an animal's age and sex to be determined before any attempt to harvest is made. It also allows a houndsman to determine if a female is pregnant, nursing, or has offspring so that they can be left alive and well in the tree. The use of hounds allows for the timely and accurate resolution of incidents involving threats to public safety or livestock by identifying, locating, and taking only the offending animal
Not only is this bill unreasonable as a hunting and wildlife management measure, but it places the lives of our dogs in danger. Any dog determined to be a threat to a "big game mammal" can be captured and/or "dispatched" (i.e. KILLED) by game wardens, and the owner of the dog would have no recourse.


MEASURE :  S.B. No. 1221
AUTHOR(S) :  Lieu (Coauthor: Senator Steinberg).
TOPIC :  Mammals: use of dogs to pursue bears and bobcats.
+LAST AMENDED DATE  :  03/26/2012

HEARING DATE :  06/26/2012

Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee
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Sacramento, California 95814

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Mariko Yamada
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