Tuesday, April 30, 2013

San Diego City - another pet store sales ban proposal

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  CFA Alert - City of San Diego
Joan Miller, CFA Legislative Information Liaison
Forwarding is encouraged
More information on the San Diego Pet Store Ban on sales of dogs, cats
and rabbits.
Cat and Dog Fanciers - this will impact YOU!!
TOMORROW Wednesday, May 1, 2013:
A proposed ordinance to ban pet sales by pet stores will be discussed
by the SD Council Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee;
 WE NEED YOU TO BE THERE to show there is strong opposition to this
proposal.  (Don't wear red - the animal rights group behind this, San
Diego Animal Defense Team, is asking their supporters to wear red.) 
You do not have to testify.   
WHEN - The Committee hearing starts at 2PM - be there by 1PM to meet
and get a seat.
WHERE - SD City Hall; 202 C Street; Council Committee Room 12th floor.
There is only one pet store in the City of San Diego that sells dogs
(no cats or rabbits).  San Diego Puppy obtains their puppies through a
dealer who delivers healthy dogs bred by USDA licensed and inspected
breeders. The proposed ordinance  will be detrimental to this
business.  It would also mean that no dogs/cats/rabbits could be sold
by future stores in the City of San Diego.  . 
The ordinance is not designed to end cruelty nor is it based on
consumer complaints.  This is strictly a step in the direction of
ending the sales of all pets other than through shelters or rescue
groups.  Pet Stores are thought to be an easy target in California -
Similar bans have passed in West Hollywood and in Los Angeles.  Next we
will see the same pressure on home breeders of cats and dogs.     
Contact the Public Safety Committee Members:
Marti Emerald (Chair)       martiemerald@sandiego.gov      619-236-6699
Lorie Zapf (Vice Chair)     loriezapf@sandiego.gov             
Kersey                      markkersey@sandiego.gov         619-238-0915
Alvarez                     davidalvarez@sandiego.gov       619-236-6688

Contact the CFA Legislative Group - legislation@cfa.org

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