Sunday, September 15, 2013

Oceanside Pet Sales Ban

Cat Fanciers' Association
Forwarding encouraged


WE NEED YOUR HELP to defeat the Oceanside "Pet Store Ban" Ordinance.

The City Council Clerk has informed us that the issue could come up at any
time during the Public Meeting starting at 4PM and that the City Hall may
be very crowded. Try to be there before 4PM.

Wednesday, Sept 25
Hearing at 5:00 PM, (Public meeting is open at 4PM)
City Hall - 300 North Coast Highway, Oceanside.

We expect the proposed language to be the same as in San Diego and that
they will try to get the "breeder exemption" with a threshold of 3 cats/dogs
or no selling. San Diego Humane is mobilizing. You do not have to speak -
we need a turn out to sign up and donate minutes to those who do want to

Local residents carry the most weight. Try to reach any kitten buyers.

You can send one email to reach all 5 Council Members. So far we believe
we have two on our side, Feller and Kern. The swing vote is Felein who may
be undecided. Concentrate phone calls and emails to these three to keep
and/or gain their support. oceanside. council/default. asp

Suggested Points:

**A pet store ban is not necessary when stores buy from USDA regulated
breeders/dealers. Don't condemn legal businesses. People should have a
choice of their pet. Pet stores are well regulated in CA, with warranties to
protect buyers. Buyers can see their puppy prior to purchase.

**When the demand for puppies is not met they will increasingly come from
unregulated and undesirable sources. Puppies are already being imported
from Mexico and elsewhere and sold underground. Rescue groups are not
regulated and some bring in imports.

**There are few if any "kitten factories" in the US; pedigreed cats are
rarely raised commercially nor are they sold in Oceanside pet stores. Any
substandard catteries reported to CFA are handled through our disciplinary

**Rabbit breeds are going extinct and are rarely sold in pet stores.

**The proposed ordinance is an empty "Puppy mill statement" by those who
want a monopoly on only shelter/rescue animals sold. This is a step in the
attempt to see that purebred dogs/pedigreed cats bred and raised by
breeders will become extinct.

This is not just an issue of a "Pet Store Ban" on selling puppies. The
people picketing and supporting this next want mandatory spay/neuter. Don't
let our breeds, breeders and cat shows go down because of this push by
activists in our County. Let's stop this in Oceanside !!!

Joan Miller
CFA Legislative Information Liaison
JMillerArt@aol. com
San Diego California
619-269-0107 ( org/)



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