Monday, September 14, 2015

Elephant Guide Ban

Governor Jerry Brown
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814
September 14, 2015


Dear Governor Brown,

The California Federation of Dog Clubs is an association of thousands of dog owners across the State of California. Formed in 1990, the CFoDC works tirelessly to promote animal welfare, educate the public regarding responsible animal ownership, and protect the rights of responsible animal owners. We administer a disaster relief fund, conduct breed ID workshops for shelter personnel, and provide educational information regarding responsible pet ownership. We also staff a toll-free assistance line for animal owners who need advice regarding pet training and behavioral issues.

The CFODC requests your VETO of SB 716; Animal Cruelty, Elephants. This sadly misnomered bill would prohibit the use of elephant guides in the care of these large animals. Proponents of this bill gleefully admit that a ban on the use of the elephant guide is tantamount to a ban on elephants in zoos and circuses, since the ankus or guide is a routine and necessary tool used to care for elephants.

In fact, today we have the perfect example of the necessity of the use of the elephant guide in Northern California. Fire is burning dangerously close to the Performing Animal Welfare Society's “sanctuary” in San Andreas. Evacuation orders have been issued, along with offers of help from “Have Trunks Will Travel. ” These trained professionals at HTWT volunteered to move the elephants to safe ground using their handling equipment and transport trailers, but PAWS has REFUSED their help. They would rather allow these terrified elephants to remain in close proximity to a fire, to inhale smoke and possibly burn to death than allow trainers to use guides and transport vehicles to move them to safety. If this doesn't demonstrate the insanity and hypocrisy of these animal rights extremist groups, nothing does.

Please choose the humane option of a VETO on SB 716.

Sincerely yours,

Geneva Coats, R.N.

California Federation of Dog Clubs

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