Friday, October 2, 2015

Carpinteria adopts MSN and breeder ordinance

Sadly, one of our board members confirmed that the Carpinteria, CA city council adopted a mandatory spay/neuter ordinance at its meeting on Tuesday night.  Here’s a link to the video of the meeting:

You can also find a draft of the ordinance and the staff report at the same site.

While each community faces unique issues, and we all rail against “one size fits all” solutions, MSN hasn’t proven to be a solution to any problem.  The scenario played out in Carpinteria demonstrates factors that lead to failed advocacy, such as finding out about the proposed laws late in the process, limited local fancier involvement, woeful or willful city staff ignorance, and no CFODC “boots on the ground.”  It also highlights the need for each of us to be involved with and extremely aware of the activities of local governments in our own and surrounding communities.

Let’s not lose another community to uninformed lawmaking.

Chuck Bridges
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