Monday, April 3, 2017

Oppose AB 1491-leasing prohibition


Assembly Judiciary Committee
1020 N Street, Room 104
Sacramento, CA 95814
916.319.2188 fax


Dog Owners of the Golden State "DOGS"

PO Box 355

Tracy CA 95378


April 3, 2017, 2017


Re: CA AB 1491 (Caballero): Sales of dogs and cats: contracts and advertising. OPPOSED





Dear Chairman Stone and Committee Members,


DOGS, (Dog Owners of the Golden State), is an AKC State Federation for California, representing thousands of dog owners in our state. We are advocates for animal welfare, for promoting responsible dog ownership and for protecting the rights of responsible dog owners. We support animal legislation that provides positive benefits to society.


DOGS OPPOSES AB1491 which would prohibit leases of dogs for any reason. While your intentions may be to reduce or eliminate lawsuits in this area, the fact remains that legally, dogs and other animals are property, and as property, citizens have the right to sell, lease, donate, or enter into any contract regarding an animal as they deem mutually beneficial.


It is common for breeders and rescue organizations to adopt out dogs with contract provisions requiring return of the dog under certain circumstances. It is also common among dog owners, as an unpleasant side effect of dog ownership limit laws, to lease or co-own dogs for breeding purposes. AB 1491 would destroy this necessary method for maintaining healthy diverse gene pools in dog breeds. Additionally, This bill would jeopardize the legal right of the original owner or charitable organization to reclaim his dog in the event of specified problems with the new owner.  


We urge you to reject this proposal which would cripple the work of ethical, responsible breeders and rescue organizations. Such unreasonable regulations are not only burdensome to breeders and pet owners, they also are detrimental to the welfare of animals and harmful to the community.



Sincerely yours,







Geneva Coats, R.N.


Dog Owners of the Golden State




CC: M. Stone, J. Cunningham, E. Chau, D. Chiu, C. Garcia, C. Holden, A Kalra, K. Kiley, B. Maienschein, E. Gomez Reyes, P. Ying

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