Friday, August 27, 2010

Are You Concerned?

To Whom It May Concern:

Many of us across the nation and here in California watched with horror while mandatory sterilization (MSN) was put into place in one of the largest metropolitan cities in our country: Los Angeles.

We warned them it would mean more lives would be lost.

Judie Mancuso, the bill's sponsor, denied it. Ed Boks, the LAAS Director, denied it. The City Council denied it.

We urged them to embrace no-kill sheltering policies that are a proven formula for successfully reducing killing in shelters, in other words, proven to SAVE LIVES.

Senators and Assembly Members alike also turned a deaf ear to our
pleas to truly protect homeless and lost pets with PROVEN life saving programs. Not a one wanted to touch statewide no-kill implementation.
Why? Perhaps we have not lined their pockets with silver?

Today, Los Angeles finally submitted its rabies data to the California Dept. of Health.

Once again, MSN has proven to be a killer as 12, 272 more dogs were killed and 16,115 more were impounded than in 2008. The cats fared better, perhaps, since LAAS has a harder time "finding" them. Go cats! Hide for your lives! And while you are at it, take care of that overpopulation of vermin in Los Angeles, especially in Beverly Hills.

On the other hand, Santa Cruz county as usual has not reported.

I ask those to whom this may concern, call your Assembly Member and Senator and ask for No-Kill programs to be supported shelter to shelter instead of the increased killing that MSN brings.

Thank you!

Diane Amble
CAVA - California Animal Voters Alliance
A IRS Section 527 PAC Organization

*I don’t believe the LA cats stats.

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