Friday, August 27, 2010

HSUS on top 10 list for Domestic Terrorism Org

Nothing speaks volumes like this report from the Department of Homeland Security. It is an Executive Ordered 2008 DHS Report. Pacelle has tried to quash its impact with feeble attempts to have his "associates" dispute it. The report stands as no one but a President can rescind an Executive Order. Read the whole report and don't miss Page 9... where two of Pacelle's organizations, HSUS and Fund For Animals are cited as terror support groups

07 May 2008 UNIVERSAL ADVERSARY DYNAMIC THREAT ASSESSMENT Ecoterrorism: Environmental and Animal-Rights Militants in the United States EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The term ecological terrorists,1 or ecoterrorists, refers to those individuals who independently and/or in concert with others engage in acts of violence and employ tactics commonly associated with terrorism to further their sociopolitical agenda aimed at animal and/or environmental protection. The ecoterrorist movement is a highly decentralized transnational network bound and driven by common ideological constructs that provide philosophical and moral justification for acts of violence against what it perceives to be the destructive encroachment of modern society on the planet’s habitat and its living organisms.2 The ecoterrorist movement represents the fringe element of the broader ecological and animal- rights community that argues that the traditional methods of conserving and preserving the Earth are insufficient, and is willing to use violence as the principal method of the planet’s defense against anyone “guilty” of exploiting and destroying the Earth. (U//FOUO)
The overall strength of the movement is impossible to determine given that individuals who take part in ecoterrorist activities generally lack a common profile and exercise a high level of operational security. Nonetheless, ecoterrorists are known to have a global presence and are particularly active in the industrialized West (North America and Western Europe). In the continental United States (CONUS), militant ecological and animal-rights activists are geographically dispersed and operate in both urban and rural settings. The movement has demonstrated a great deal of tactical and strategic sophistication. Ecoterrorists have shown a high level of ingenuity through their ability to “weaponize” common objects and use them to perpetrate acts of economic sabotage and terror with virtual impunity. Ecoterrorists have also proven to be particularly adept at using media and the Internet, for both propaganda purposes and to disseminate vital training, technical, and targeting materials. (U//FOUO)
From a security standpoint, the activities of the ecoterrorist movement are significant for several reasons and should be of interest to domestic security and law enforcement officials. First, Ecoterrorists have perpetrated more illegal acts commonly associated with terrorism on U.S. soil than any other known group, including al-Qaeda and radical Islamic militants. At present, the economic cost of these acts exceeds $100 million and is likely to grow in the future. In addition, while ecoterrorists thus far have generally refrained from harming individuals, there are indications that some within the movement are advocating more drastic measures to further their sociopolitical agendas. Finally, if ecoterrorists choose to target nuclear or chemical facilities in the United States, as some reports suggest, the ramifications of such attacks could have devastating consequences for the general public and U.S. national security. (U//FOUO)
COMPOSITION The ecoterrorist movement in the United States is an elusive and highly decentralized collection of individuals and groups operating on the fringes of the mainstream environmental and animal-rights community. It is comprised of like-minded individuals committed to environmental and animal protection by any means necessary, including tactics commonly associated with terrorism. Although they all believe that the planet is facing impending READ PAGE 9 Names HSUS as a Domestic Terror support organization

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