Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hollister targets Chihuahuas and "pit bulls"

What do Chihuahuas and "pit bulls" have in common? They are both now in the crosshairs of the new mandatory sterilization ordinance in the City of Hollister, California.

Update from the Save Our Dogs website, posted here with permission of the author.

"There was a great turnout for last night’s Hollister city council meeting about the mandatory spay-neuter ordinance. The room was packed with more residents than the council had ever seen before on any issue."

"Only one person in the audience spoke for the ordinance. ALL of the others in the audience who spoke, at least two dozen of them, were opposed. Unfortunately the ordinance passed despite this unprecedented level of constituent opposition, by a 3-2 vote."

"Thank you to Mayor Gomez and Vice Mayor Valdivia for voting no."

"Council members Friend, Emerson, and Sanchez voted yes."

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