Sunday, January 23, 2011

Contra Costa Counta to consider MSN for impounded dogs

Tomorrow (Monday) starting at 11 AM, the Contra Costa County Public Protection Committee will meet in Martinez, CA to discuss a proposed all breed mandatory spay/neuter ordinance for impounded dogs picked up at large.- unlicensed dogs face MSN on the first impoundment- licensed dogs face MSN on the 2nd impoundmentThere are no exceptions for extenuating circumstances or for breeding dogs, competition dogs, hunting dogs, or working dogs..More info.

I will be there speaking against this ordinance.We need more residents of Contra Costa County to attend and make a polite, brief statement of opposition. If enough opponents do not show up to the hearing, we will likely lose.Two of the five elected county supervisors (Gioia and Glover) are on this committee. For a proposed ordinance to get a recommendation from the committee, both of them have to agree. Gioia supports mandatory spay/neuter.I spoke before this committee last August when they were considering a mandatory spay/neuter ordinance for pit bulls breeds. A combination of a good turnout of opponents and compelling facts convinced Glover to not support the proposed ordinance. But the ordinance is no longer about pit bulls, so some of the key opponents have gone neutral or in the case of BadRap, switched to support.

If you can attend, please write to me privately ( laura @

Laura Sanborn
Save Our Dogs

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