Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cypress CA REJECTS Breed Specific Legislation

by Diane Amendola
Board of Directors
California Federation of Dog Clubs
Monday, January 24, 2011
Tonight the Cypress City Council rejected BSL as punitive for responsible citizens. They are going to consider strengthening their laws on vicious dogs coupled with improved enforcement. One council member suggested the person being investigated pay for the investigation which was soundly rejected by another council member because someone could make an unjustified complaint against a neighbor (He didn't like guilty before proven guilty.)

The community representation was NOT good. As far as I could tell, only one community member spoke against the proposed law.  She is an AKC Judge and breeder of one of the Bull breeds and has lived in Cypress for 38 years and is a voting citizen; there were 3 other speakers and about 7 friends of the speakers who spoke against the legislation.   There were 3 ladies from the neighborhood having the problem and they all spoke in favor of BSL.

The neighborhood affected with problem owners has had ongoing issues that have prompted Animal Control to confiscate several vicious dogs.  One attack occurred while a child was walking her dog (the dog was killed in the attack).   The vicious dog was euthanized and the owners moved away, but when the impassioned parent spoke she made it sound like the dog and owners were still in the community.   It was good that the OC Animal Control Director was there to explain that that dog had been euthanized as had several other vicious free
roaming dogs.  One of the current residents still has one or two dogs and the neighbors want all her dogs taken from her because, according to the neighbors, she is an irresponsible owner who allows her dogs to roam.  This particular community has many serious problems besides irresponsible dog owners.

The statistics presented by staff showed the following for Impounds:  Pit Bulls 28; Chihuahua 27; Labs 15; German Shepards 14; Pomeranians 9; Siberian Husky 8; Miniature Poodle 7; Golden Retriever 7; Cocker Spaniel 6; Shih Tzu 6 (total impounds for the year=127)

Dog bites to humans:  Chihuahua 24; German Shepherd 11; Rat Terrier 7; Jindo 5; Parson Russell Terrier 5; Pekingese 5; Mastiff 5; Labs 4; Wheaton Terrier 4; Dachshund 4

Dog vs Dog Attacks:  Pit Bull 12; German Shepherd 5; Labs 5; Rat Terrier 2; Border Collie 1; Cocker Spaniel 1; German Shorthair Pointer 1;  Maltese 1; Miniature Pinscher 1; Rottweiler 1.  The report cited 36 incidents but only listed 30................

The Council mentioned receiving input from the AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB and seemed duly impressed by that.

The director of OC Animal Control, Ryan Draybek, understands that this is a people problem and not a dog problem.  For that we are very fortunate. He is making great strides at improving his shelter operation. He took the time to meet Bill Bruce when Bill was touring California and hosted Bill at the OC Shelter for a tour, and spent time talking with Bill.

It was decided we must plan on attending all other meetings until this is a done deal.

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