Friday, March 11, 2011

Banning, CA adopts MSN

Banning Council Votes 4-0 To Adopt Beaumont Animal Code

By Guy McCarthy | Email the author | March 9, 2011
The Banning City Council voted 4-0 Tuesday night to adopt Beaumont's municipal code to regulate and control the keeping of pets, other animals, and bees.
Councilmember Don Robinson recused himself because he is co-owner of Renaissance Pet Resort & Spa.
City staff recommended the move in February because Banning's animal control regulations had not been updated since they were adopted in 1965, and because Banning contracts with Beaumont for animal control services.
According to city staff, the most significant changes to the updated Banning ordinance include:
- Mandatory spaying or neutering of all dogs and cats in Banning, or the requirement to obtain an unaltered license if an owner is unable to spay or neuter an animal.
- Mandatory micro-chipping of all dogs that are licensed in Banning. Cats that are impounded will be required to be micro-chipped before release back to their owners.
The new ordinance also prohibits owners from allowing unspayed and unaltered cats from "remaining" outdoors, according to city staff.
Banning adopted Beaumont's municipal code "in its entirety."
The 50-page Beaumont code - which is now Banning's as well - includes chapters on dogs and cats, seizure or impoundment, potentially dangerous dogs, rabid animals, "kennels, catteries and animal rescue facilities," and beekeeping.
Some sections of the code are devoted to birds and wildlife, such as "Roosters, Peacocks and Flocks Prohibited," and "Wild Animals and Mammals, Poisonous Snakes and Other Reptiles."
The Beaumont-Banning code also includes mention of larger animals.
"Upon impounding any bovine animal, horse, mule or burro, the animal services officer shall comply with Food and Agriculture code section 17003 and immediately notify the Secretary of Food and Agriculture," a section of the code states.
The entire code is available online at Banning's web site

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