Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors passes "puppy mill bill"

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has approved amendments to the animal county code, Title 10 - Animals, relating to the licensing of animals and animal facilities and the care and breeding of animals. 
Per DACC manager Marcia Mayeda, the new revisions address "grooming, tethering, housing and exercise.....Crates must be secured.....These changes will protect all animals in the county's jurisdiction including individual pets....All breeders will be required to separate pregnant females from other adult dogs at least 3 days before giving birth".
Along with these changes, ownership of animals will generally be limited to an arbitrarily selected number of "50." There is also a requirement for microchip or tatoo of puppies by the time they are 4 months old.
43. Recommendation: Approve introduction of ordinance to add, delete and modify the relevant sections related to the care of animals, both as individual pets and those housed in commercial animal facilities (Department of Animal Care and Control) APPROVE
The letter to the board, containing the proposed changes can be found here:
If you own or operate an animal facility in Los Angeles County, this will affect you. If you breed in Los Angeles County (a rarity unless done "underground"), this will affect you. If you own a single pet in Los Angeles County this will affect you, too.
Local animal facilities operators have been working with the DACC to implement these changes, as has CARPOC and NAIA.

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