Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pasadena MSN

 Pasadena City Council approved the first step in drafting a mandatory spay neuter ordinance on Monday, July 8.

Pasadena Star News article:

City Council staff report from 7/8/13 (staff recommendation was approved):

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  1. Sorry – but your story ( is full of holes:
    1 – the majority of the animals impounded are CATS!! NOT DOGS!
    2 – the statements that it’s healthy are NOT TRUE! Any REAL research study has shown that pediatric castration or hysterectomies do NOT aid or facilitate the dog’s health. Rather, they screw up both the physical and mental development of the animal.
    3 – it’s all about $$. IF you pay more and jump through some hoops, you can avoid this mutilation of your pet.
    4 – if there’s such an overabundance of “unwanted” animals – they please explain just WHY there are so many shelters and rescues that are impor ting dogs from other areas, including other countries????
    5 – this is step one of the H$U$ agenda of moving us along to a pet-free America! How sad! Do you really think kids should grow up with no pets?
    6 – this is affecting pure-bred dogs more than mixed breeds! And – what will you tell your allergic child when there’s no way to get a pet, because allergies to dogs aren’t always to all breeds. BUT – pure-breds can allow a child to have a pet that they are not allergic to – while mixed, all bets are off.

    Think about these – then ask questions! Don’t swallow the dribbl e you’ve been fed by H$U$ and their minions!!! By the way – where do you think the politicians get their information? They don’t go to the experts – NO, they rely on the moneyed H$U$. Remember – all that money accumulated by H$U$ is NOT being used for any animals – it’s being used for lobbying and getting more oppressive laws passed. AND – that’s direct from Mr Pacelle’s golden tongue!!!

    As usual – the media is biased and not reporting, but rather re-gurgitating.


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