Thursday, July 25, 2013

San Diego Pet Store Ordinance passed

It is now illegal to sell a pet in San Diego that was not bred and raised on your premises.

CFA Update:
San Diego Pet Store Ordinance
Passed as amended on July 23, 2013
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Fanciers and all;
The final reading, and passage, for the  City of San Diego "Pet Store selling ban" was yesterday, July 23rd.  The ordinance will take effect in 30 days.  San Diego becomes the 32nd City in the USA to pass a similar ban.  This ordinance goes further than many others; however, because it prohibits any person who is "engaged in retail or wholesale commerce " from selling dogs, cats or rabbits in any pet store or "commercial establishment",  other than those certified as coming from a shelter or 501(c)3 rescue organzation. 
We had a small group of 3 cat fanciers, 1 dog fancier, 2 bird fanciers, 2 pet store owners and a few other people who opposed the ordinance.  We asked for Item # 54 to be pulled from the consent list and were given the opportunity to speak. There were no speakers in support.
Testimony covered our main concerns.  To watch a video of the testimony go to:
We are relieved that the final revised ordinance exemption paragraph (b) language  remains intact. The ordinance does not apply to the transfer or sale of  dogs, cats and rabbits "from the premises on which they were bred and reared."  I asked that this be changed to say "from a residential premises" explaining that cat fanciers do sometimes sell or transfer a cat they have not bred and reared, including strays; however, they did not do this.
Council Member Lightner responded to our request for a review of this ordinance in 1 year and was assured that staff was instructed to do this. She asked many other questions and referred to the unintended consequences we have presented. 
We appreciated the two Council Members, Lightner and Sherman, who voted against the entire ordinance.  Many thanks to those who wrote letters and provided information for the Council and to everyone who attended any of the three hearings on this ordinance.
If a "pet store ban" comes to your city please contact
Joan Miller
CFA Legislative Information Liaison
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  1. I am amazed, though not surprised, that not one of them saw the banning of commercial sales, but not shelter/rescue sales, as kind of skewed.

    So…purpose for pet store ban is to stop sale of pups from puppy mills. Pet stores of course being under tight scrutiny and that Polyer-Lockyer act (forget the exact name), and unlikely to have puppy mill pets in the first place, since eventually, selling unhealthy dogs would put them out of business. On top of which, not only are there likely to be very few PM puppies, it's really barely on the radar since I think this law was passed to shut dow n the ONE pet store that fell under the new law.

    So…what we have now is shelters and rescues, neither of which are supposed to be for profit businesses, given a monopoly on selling pets in San Diego, despite the fact that they are MORE likely to come from puppy mills, but there is no way of knowing or finding out if they are, and no laws to protect the buyer if they end up with one of them. And not just puppy mill pups – there's no law to protect them no matter where it came from, whether it's puppy mills, breeders, strays or Romania.

    Not to mention, that pet stores don't kill thousands of pets each year, while "shelters" do.

    And meanwhile, these non-regulated, non-businesses are raking it in, having put their lawful competition out of business. Sweet.

    But not one of those morons could grasp this glaring fact?

    Oh, right, they're politicians…


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