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Pasadena, CA to Consider Mandatory Spay/Neuter Monday, July 14th – OPPOSITION NEEDED!

Pasadena, CA to Consider Mandatory Spay/Neuter Monday, July 14th – OPPOSITION NEEDED!
Please pass this information on to your club members in the Pasadena (Greater Los Angeles) area.
AKC Government Relations has learned that the Pasadena City Council will conduct a public hearing and vote on a proposed ordinance to require the sterilization of all dogs within the city limits. AKC encourages responsible dog owners and breeders to attend this meeting and oppose this burdensome ordinance.
The agenda with a final copy of the ordinance will likely not be released until late Thursday.  The AKC GR will provide a detailed analysis of the measure once it is available.
The American Kennel Club opposes mandatory spay/neuter laws and arbitrary breeder permits as ineffective because they fail to address the underlying issue of irresponsible ownership. California state law already provides for the sterilization of animals adopted from shelters and mandates that the license fee for intact animals be at least double that of sterilized animals. The additional mandatory sterilization requirements proposed in this ordinance will merely punish those who are responsible owners and breeders, while irresponsible owners who are not complying with current laws are likely to continue their behavior. 
Many communities that have implemented mandatory spay/neuter (MSN) policies have found them to be ineffective and expensive. For example, after Dallas, Texas enacted MSN policies in 2008, it experienced a 22 percent increase in animal control costs and an overall decrease in licensing compliance. MSN laws often result in owners either ignore animal control laws entirely, or relinquishing their pets to the public shelter to be cared for at the taxpayers' expense rather than pay for expensive sterilization surgery or breeder permits.  According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), some owners also opt to avoid rabies vaccinations and other general veterinary care in order to hide their lack of compliance with MSN laws.
Pasadena City Council Meeting
Date: Monday July 14, 2014
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: Council Chamber, Pasadena City Hall
100 North Garfield Avenue Room S249
Pasadena, CA 91109
What You Can Do
  • Attend the public hearing and voice your opposition to a breed-specific mandatory spay/neuter ordinance.
  • Contact the Pasadena City Council members and ask them to oppose this measure. 
AKC Resources
Pasadena City Council Members
Vice Mayor Jacque Robinson, District 1
Phone: 626-744-4444
Councilmember Margaret McAustin, District 2
Phone: 626-744-4742
Email Address:
Councilmember John Kennedy, District 3
Phone: 626-744-4738
Fax: 626-744-4774
Councilmember Gene Masuda, District 4
Phone: 626-744-4740
Councilmember Victor Gordo Esq., District 5
Phone: 626-831-8609
Fax: 626-398-1836
Councilmember Steve Madison, District 6
Phone: 626-744-4739
Councilmember Terry Tornek, District 7
Phone: 626-441-4802
Fax: 626-441-4806

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