Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pasadena MSN moves forward on 5-3 vote

On Monday, July 14, 2014, the CFODC joined in the effort to defeat another MSN (Mandatory Spay Neuter) law – this time, in Pasadena. There were many speakers; about 50% in support of the ordinance and 50% opposed.

Many rational and thoughtful comments were made against a mandatory spay-neuter law. The pro-MSN group were spouting from inaccurate and outdated statistics still being promoted by HSUS and PETA. There was a group of young people led by PETA – with no logical arguments, just mindless support.

The Pasadena Humane Society was charged at the last hearing to do a canvass of the area and a report back. They are still canvassing – and their report was based on estimates rather than real numbers. The head of the PHS spouted old research as if he was an expert – he showed he is not. They received about 30 letters opposed, no letters in support were listed except one from PHS based on an erroneous report from the Director of Public Works.

The report included such falsehoods as: "overpopulation" of pets in Pasadena, when their adoption rate is 96% for dogs and 98% for cats, based on the PHS own statistics from their latest annual report. (link below) They also claim this measure would help reduce strays and dog bites when of course there is no evidence to support such an assertion. A further claim was that it is healthy to sterilize pets, especially at a young age...FALSE and the exact OPPOSITE of reality. They further claim that the AVMA supports spay/neuter laws which is PATENTLY FALSE....AVMA, ASPCA, AKC, Best Friends, ACT, Alley Cat Allies and many other groups oppose MSN laws because they DON'T WORK.

Naturally, when you are spouting out falsehoods you have to include the urban legend about how one cat magically blossoms into 73,000 cats in seven years time, and they did include that silly assertion in their report. It's an impossibility and a lie.

Councilman Gordo made several amendments to the bill – to address the young age, the price or charge differential and if it affected low-income, a sunset clause, to include TNR (Trap Neuter and Release of feral cats), and also to use an educational program in schools . Councilmen Kennedy and Tornek, along with Vice Mayor Robinson understood and voted in opposition. Councilman Gordo had good questions and asked for a new draft of the ordinance in 60 days. There were speakers from Pasanita Obedience Club, the Kennel Club of Pasadena, the Calif Responsible Pet Owners Coalition, and the California Federation of Dog Clubs.

Interestingly, PHS' numbers could be considered NO KILL. They glossed over the fact that many of their animal deaths are actually animals at the end of their lives and their compassionate owners asked for them to be PTS ("put to sleep"). They continually mentioned their freezers are full of dead animals – with only 13 dogs (by their numbers) euthanized due to lack of space!!! And the bigger problem appears to be feral cats. Naturally this law as presented would do nothing to reduce the numbers of feral cats.

You can see the report from the public works director here:

And the Pasadena Humane Society report which claims such high adoption rates here:

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