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Pasadena MSN moves forward on 5-3 vote

On Monday, July 14, 2014, the CFODC joined in the effort to defeat another MSN (Mandatory Spay Neuter) law – this time, in Pasadena. There were many speakers; about 50% in support of the ordinance and 50% opposed.

Many rational and thoughtful comments were made against a mandatory spay-neuter law. The pro-MSN group were spouting from inaccurate and outdated statistics still being promoted by HSUS and PETA. There was a group of young people led by PETA – with no logical arguments, just mindless support.

The Pasadena Humane Society was charged at the last hearing to do a canvass of the area and a report back. They are still canvassing – and their report was based on estimates rather than real numbers. The head of the PHS spouted old research as if he was an expert – he showed he is not. They received about 30 letters opposed, no letters in support were listed except one from PHS based on an erroneous report from the Director of Public Works.

The report included such falsehoods as: "overpopulation" of pets in Pasadena, when their adoption rate is 96% for dogs and 98% for cats, based on the PHS own statistics from their latest annual report. (link below) They also claim this measure would help reduce strays and dog bites when of course there is no evidence to support such an assertion. A further claim was that it is healthy to sterilize pets, especially at a young age...FALSE and the exact OPPOSITE of reality. They further claim that the AVMA supports spay/neuter laws which is PATENTLY FALSE....AVMA, ASPCA, AKC, Best Friends, ACT, Alley Cat Allies and many other groups oppose MSN laws because they DON'T WORK.

Naturally, when you are spouting out falsehoods you have to include the urban legend about how one cat magically blossoms into 73,000 cats in seven years time, and they did include that silly assertion in their report. It's an impossibility and a lie.

Councilman Gordo made several amendments to the bill – to address the young age, the price or charge differential and if it affected low-income, a sunset clause, to include TNR (Trap Neuter and Release of feral cats), and also to use an educational program in schools . Councilmen Kennedy and Tornek, along with Vice Mayor Robinson understood and voted in opposition. Councilman Gordo had good questions and asked for a new draft of the ordinance in 60 days. There were speakers from Pasanita Obedience Club, the Kennel Club of Pasadena, the Calif Responsible Pet Owners Coalition, and the California Federation of Dog Clubs.

Interestingly, PHS' numbers could be considered NO KILL. They glossed over the fact that many of their animal deaths are actually animals at the end of their lives and their compassionate owners asked for them to be PTS ("put to sleep"). They continually mentioned their freezers are full of dead animals – with only 13 dogs (by their numbers) euthanized due to lack of space!!! And the bigger problem appears to be feral cats. Naturally this law as presented would do nothing to reduce the numbers of feral cats.

You can see the report from the public works director here:

And the Pasadena Humane Society report which claims such high adoption rates here:

American Pomeranian Club and City of Angels Pomeranian Club OPPOSED to mandatory sterilization proposal

American Pomeranian Club
City of Angels Pomeranian Club
Pasadena City Council
100 North Garfield Ave.
Room S249
Pasadena, CA 91101

July 11, 2014
Request to be included in the official record for City Council meeting of July 14, 2014.
Dear Mayor Bogaard, Vice Mayor Robinson, and City Council Members,
The City of Angels Pomeranian Club and the American Pomeranian Club urge you to reject the ill-conceived spay-neuter proposal on the agenda for July 14, 2014. We read through the Agenda Report from the Director of Public Works. This report is full of fabrications and outright lies.
The report claims that a law is needed to force people to alter their pets, yet on page three of this very same report, there is a graph that demonstrates that 87% of the owned, licensed dogs in the city of Pasadena are ALREADY ALTERED. And, it would seem obvious to a kindergartener that feral cats do not have owners, don't read city ordinances, and won't turn themselves in for sterilization surgery. Citizens who care for feral cats do not consider themselves owners of such cats and in most cases will not make the effort to sterilize them.
OK, fair enough, you want to force that other 13% of dog owners to spay and neuter their pets. The reasons why seem to include:
  • reducing "overpopulation"
There is absolutely NO evidence that "overpopulation" of pets is a significant factor in the City of Pasadena. The latest report just released from 2012 claims on page 15 that "Our adoption placement rate is 98% for cats (excluding feral cats) and 96.2% for dogs". It seems there is NO EXCESS of adoptable pets in the City of Pasadena. You are at No-Kill rates currently 
  • reducing the numbers of stray and roaming dogs
The best tools for reducing stray and roaming dogs are known as "doors" "fences" and "leashes". The evidence is poor at best that any other factor other than enforcement of existing leash laws affects the numbers of stray and roaming dogs. Intact and neutered dogs will both roam when they are not physically prevented from doing so. Dogs that are allowed to roam have bigger problems than an unplanned litter...such as being hit by a car, poisoned or killed by coyotes. Enforcement of confinement laws is the answer.
  • reducing numbers of dog bites
Dog bites are the result of owners who fail to properly restrain or socialize their dogs.The studies do not support the assertion that neutered dogs are less likely to bite. In fact, there are several studies that demonstrate that neutering may decrease dog to dog aggression but that neutering will actually INCREASE dog to human aggression. This also holds true for spayed females. Spaying increases aggression in female dogs. See attached/linked veterinarian-authored paper with references.
Who would know best about how to reduce danger from aggression, The Association of Animal Behavior Professionals, that's who. They specifically recommend AGAINST early spay/neuter and stress that sterilization needs to be accompanied by training.
  • "Veterinary science has demonstrated the safety and positive health benefits of spaying and neutering which is especially true if the animal is sterilized before maturity."
FALSE and the OPPOSITE of what modern science has demonstrated. Altering increases the risk for a host of health problems and the risk is higher the younger the age that the pet is altered! The short list of health problems that are increased when the animal is altered includes: hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, bone cancer, hemangiosarcioma, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, hypothyroidism, reduced lifespan, lymphoma, noise phobias and aggression, incontinence in females, pancreatitis and adverse reaction to vaccination. See attached/linked veterinarian-authored paper with references for further information.
  • "One un-spayed female cat and her offspring can be responsible for the birth of 73,000 kittens in six years' time"
This is utter baloney. If this were true we would have literally TRILLIONS of cats in the USA today. A study of feral cats (who are the ones most likely to reproduce) found that in 12 years, one stray unspayed female with all her unspayed female offspring can be expected to produce 3200 kittens if there is no human intervention. This does not, however, factor in the high mortality rate of the kittens and trap/neuter/release programs. It also assumes that all offspring survive, when in reality, their average lifespan is just two to three years. If you don't live, you can't reproduce. Jerry Folland, a mathematician with MIT, was quoted in an article saying he calculates that the actual number may be much lower, with less than 100 cats surviving after seven years.
  • "American Veterinary Medical Association supports spay and neuter"
 This claim from page 7 of your report is midleading because AVMA specifically OPPOSES mandatory sterilization of owned pets. "The AVMA does not support regulations or legislation mandating spay/neuter of privately owned, non-shelter dogs and cats. Mandatory sterilization laws are also opposed by ASPCA, AKC, No Kill Advocacy Center, and the American College of Theriogenologists.
We urge you to reject reports founded on untruths and exaggerations. Mandatory spay and neuter laws result in increased costs, increased animal intakes and deaths, increased risk of rabies exposures and a distrust of local government by the citizens. Such punitive laws are not only unnecessary, they are bad for pets and bad for the community.

Sincerely yours,

Geneva Coats
Legislative Liaison
American Pomeranian Club
City of Angels Pomeranian Club

CC: Bill Bogaard, Jaque Robinson, Margaret McAustin, John J. Kennedy, Gene Masuda, Victor Gordo, Steve Madison, Terry Tornek

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pasadena mandatory sterilization proposal

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Subject: [CalFedDogClubs] California Federation of Dog Clubs OPPOSED to mandatory sterilization proposal [1 Attachment]

California Federation of Dog Clubs
PO Box 2341
Lancaster, CA 93539

Pasadena City Council
Pasadena City Hall
100 North Garfield Avenue
Room S249
Pasadena, CA 91101

July 9, 2014
Request to be included in the official record for City Council meeting of July 14, 2014.

Dear Mayor Bogaard, Vice Mayor Robinson, and City Council Members,

The California Federation of Dog Clubs is an association of thousands of dog owners across the State of California. Formed in 1990, the CFoDC works tirelessly to promote animal welfare, educate the public regarding responsible animal ownership, and protect the rights of responsible animal owners. We administer a disaster relief fund, conduct breed ID workshops for shelter personnel, provide educational information on responsible pet ownership. We also man a toll-free assistance line for animal owners who need advice regarding pet training and behavioral issues. We support animal legislation beneficial to society and to animals.
The CFODC is OPPOSED to the mandated sterilization of pets, no matter what exemptions are offered. Some of the reasons for our opposition include:

  • The ASPCA, the American Kennel Club, the No Kill Advocacy Center, Best Friends Animal Society, the American College of Theriogenologists and the American Veterinary Medical Association are all OPPOSED to mandatory sterilization laws because they create more problems and solve none.
  • Coercive sterilization laws result in increased shelter intakes and deaths anywhere they are tried. Fewer people will reclaim their pets due to high costs. Los Angeles has seen a steep rise in shelter intakes since implementing its own mandatory spay/neuter law. So has Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Forced sterilization laws have resulted in increased incidence of RABIES exposure in some areas, as owners who avoid licensing may also fail to vaccinate for rabies. This creates a dire risk to human health. With recent instances of rabid wildlife in southern California, we should not do anything that would jeopardize public cooperation with rabies vaccination programs. Fort Worth TX repealed their spay and neuter law due to increased cases of rabies exposure, which are not just hazardous to health but also extremely expensive to local health departments.
  • Existing leash and confinement laws should be enforced. Sterilization does NOT prevent roaming.
  • The 2013 Annual report published by the Pasadena Humane Society claims an adoption rate of 96% for dogs and 98% for nonferal cats. There is no "overpopulation crisis" and even if there was, there is no evidence to support the assertion that shelter intakes are caused by animals bred locally or that shelter intake numbers are reduced by sterilization mandates.
  • Mandated surgery disproportionately affects the elderly on fixed incomes and low-income families. These are the very groups who derive the most psychosocial benefits from pet ownership. They should be encouraged rather than discouraged from adopting pets.
  • Mandatory sterilization is costly to enforce. Revenues will drop, as owners will increasingly avoid licensing and forced surgery on their pets. There will be even LESS money for the needed enforcement.
  • Dogs are being smuggled in by the thousands now from Mexico and imported from other countries by rescue groups, to meet the demand for pets. Mandatory sterilization creates a black market for dogs and puppies. Imported pets often bring rabies and parasites along with them.
  • Feral cats comprise a significant proportion of shelter intakes, and sterilization mandates do not help to reduce numbers of feral cats. Good Samaritans caring for feral cats are often punished for doing so when sterilization laws are implemented.
  • Many studies show that dogs who are neutered more health and behavioral problems than dogs who are left intact. The latest study published in the journal Applied Animal Behavior Science and conducted by the University of Bristol's School of Veterinary Science, found no difference in aggression between dogs who were intact and dogs who were neutered.
  • In addition, this study found that dogs obtained from shelters and rescues were 1.8-2.6 times more likely to exhibit aggression than dogs obtained directly from breeders.
 We are opposed to mandatory spay and neuter laws that would increase shelter intakes and deaths, increase the risk of rabies exposure cases, and increase the risk of aggression, while simultaneously decreasing local sources of well-bred pets.

We urge you to REJECT any mandatory sterilization ordinances and instead focus on measures proven to work over the past decades….proactive, friendly and non-coercive public education campaigns, trap/neuter and release programs for feral cats, and low-cost, government subsidized voluntary sterilization clinics.

Please contact us if we can be of any further assistance.

Geneva Coats, R.N.
Secretary, California Federation of Dog Clubs

CC: Bill Bogaard, Jaque Robinson, Margaret McAustin, John J. Kennedy, Gene Masuda, Victor Gordo, Steve Madison, Terry Tornek
The Dark Side of Mandatory Legislation:




Pasadena, CA to Consider Mandatory Spay/Neuter Monday, July 14th – OPPOSITION NEEDED!

Pasadena, CA to Consider Mandatory Spay/Neuter Monday, July 14th – OPPOSITION NEEDED!
Please pass this information on to your club members in the Pasadena (Greater Los Angeles) area.
AKC Government Relations has learned that the Pasadena City Council will conduct a public hearing and vote on a proposed ordinance to require the sterilization of all dogs within the city limits. AKC encourages responsible dog owners and breeders to attend this meeting and oppose this burdensome ordinance.
The agenda with a final copy of the ordinance will likely not be released until late Thursday.  The AKC GR will provide a detailed analysis of the measure once it is available.
The American Kennel Club opposes mandatory spay/neuter laws and arbitrary breeder permits as ineffective because they fail to address the underlying issue of irresponsible ownership. California state law already provides for the sterilization of animals adopted from shelters and mandates that the license fee for intact animals be at least double that of sterilized animals. The additional mandatory sterilization requirements proposed in this ordinance will merely punish those who are responsible owners and breeders, while irresponsible owners who are not complying with current laws are likely to continue their behavior. 
Many communities that have implemented mandatory spay/neuter (MSN) policies have found them to be ineffective and expensive. For example, after Dallas, Texas enacted MSN policies in 2008, it experienced a 22 percent increase in animal control costs and an overall decrease in licensing compliance. MSN laws often result in owners either ignore animal control laws entirely, or relinquishing their pets to the public shelter to be cared for at the taxpayers' expense rather than pay for expensive sterilization surgery or breeder permits.  According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), some owners also opt to avoid rabies vaccinations and other general veterinary care in order to hide their lack of compliance with MSN laws.
Pasadena City Council Meeting
Date: Monday July 14, 2014
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: Council Chamber, Pasadena City Hall
100 North Garfield Avenue Room S249
Pasadena, CA 91109
What You Can Do
  • Attend the public hearing and voice your opposition to a breed-specific mandatory spay/neuter ordinance.
  • Contact the Pasadena City Council members and ask them to oppose this measure. 
AKC Resources
Pasadena City Council Members
Vice Mayor Jacque Robinson, District 1
Phone: 626-744-4444
Councilmember Margaret McAustin, District 2
Phone: 626-744-4742
Email Address:
Councilmember John Kennedy, District 3
Phone: 626-744-4738
Fax: 626-744-4774
Councilmember Gene Masuda, District 4
Phone: 626-744-4740
Councilmember Victor Gordo Esq., District 5
Phone: 626-831-8609
Fax: 626-398-1836
Councilmember Steve Madison, District 6
Phone: 626-744-4739
Councilmember Terry Tornek, District 7
Phone: 626-441-4802
Fax: 626-441-4806

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Pasadena statistics

Why is Pasadena claiming the need for mandatory spay and neuter when their own report claims that they adopt out their dogs at a rate of 96%? There's a dog shortage in Pasadena!

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